Ww2 interview

Compiling or estimating the numbers of deaths and wounded caused during wars and other violent conflicts is a controversial subject. Historians often put forward many different estimates of the numbers killed and wounded during World War II. When scholarly sources differ on the number of deaths in a country, a range of war losses is given, in order to inform readers that the death toll is disputed. Since casualty statistics are sometimes disputed the footnotes to this article present the different estimates by official governmental sources as well as historians.

Ww2 interview

Until then, only WW1 era armored cars were used by the Police. Tanks were still forbidden.

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They would be studied in secret, while armored cars were authorized for the German Army. This vehicle was built upon a Pkw Adler Standard 6 car chassis, receiving an armored body made of 6 mm 0. It was built untilwas equipped with four-wheel drive and had a bad off-road ride.

It was retired from active service inand only used for training purposes, but paved the way for further developments.


This Ww2 interview is in need of some care and attention and may contain errors or inaccuracies. If you spot anything out of place, please let us know! The German Wehrmacht was still under construction and, in secret maneuvers in the Soviet Union, it was recognized that a suitable scout car was necessary to succeed the Kfz.

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The chassis used a four-wheel drive, independent suspension and the V8 3. The hull was still made of welded 14 mm front to 6 mm sides, rear 0. The driver was situated on the front-right, with two protected vision hatches.

From above, the hull had a diamond-like shape, thin at the edges, wider in the center. The standard armament was a MG 34 machine-gun, protected by a frontal shield, with rounds. When the Blitzkrieg was unleashed in Poland and France, the problem did not appear, as these vehicles used a good road network, but in the aftermath of Operation Barbarossa, in winter and in the muddy season, four-wheeled vehicles were found very hard to use.

Nevertheless, the proved its combat efficiency and was kept in service until In some cases, the original MG was swapped for an anti-tank rifle 39 or, later, a model 41 28 mm 1. The light armament was also a limitation.

For these reasons, the vehicle was gradually replaced by newer models and sent to training centers, patrolling occupied countries or used as a liaison vehicle between command posts. Nearly were manufactured from to and it was mounted on many vehicles, like the Sd.

The gun, however, which had an effective caliber of 20 mm 0. The gun also had a life expectancy of only shots.

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The crew was reduced to only two, a driver and gun operator, and the weight rose to 4. The was given a medium range radio and fixed, large antenna, while the was given a longer range radio and a collapsible frame aerial antenna.

Both were produced in small numbers and replaced by the antenna versions of the Sd. First, the hull shape and internal structure was rearranged.

Ww2 interview

There was a step down behind the turret — which was larger and 10 sided — and the rear was now pyramid-like.A predecessor, the Panzerspähwagen Kfz The Kfz was the first German armored car after the Versailles treaty was signed, designed in Until then, only WW1 era armored cars were used by the Police.

Tanks were still forbidden. They would be studied in secret, while armored cars were authorized for the German Army. Sources: Martin Sugarman, “Breaking the Codes; Jewish personnel at Bletchley Park in WW2,” Journal of the Jewish Historical Society of England, (November ).[The journal is available from them at JHSE, 33, Seymour Place London, England, W1H 5AP.

The Atlantic's Photo section is an expanded home for photography at timberdesignmag.com Interviews with the WWII Generation. The World War II Foundation accomplishes this mission through the production of award-winning documentary films, which are donated to American Public Television for airing on PBS affiliates and networks around the United States and globally.

Apr 09,  · A year-old from California has dedicated years to traveling the country to interview WWII veterans and document their stories for future generations.

Ww2 interview

REMEMBER THE MEN WHO LITERALLY SAVED THE WORLD. Our goal is to meet and video interview all the surviving combat veterans of World War II.

I am giving the greatest generation the opportunity to share their wartime experiences and life advice for future generations.

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