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White striped clover a case of

Planting charge includes all equipment and labor necessary for planting. Soil amendments, mulching, and tree staking are available at the time of planting for an additional charge. Dig your hole so that the top of your ball will be inches above ground level.

You want to have your plant planted slightly higher for the best transplant ability. Before putting the plant in the hole remove plastic container or plastic shrink-wrapping if applicable. On a balled and burlaped plant, remove the burlap around the top of the ball and remove the top half of the wire basket.

Carefully place the plant in the hole and face it for best viewing effect.

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Slice any circling or matted roots to allow for better root development. Fill the hole half full with a good soil mix, tamping soil lightly to ensure that there are no air pockets.

If you have a clay type soil, mix two thirds of your existing soil with one third mushroom compost. Fill the rest of the hole with the soil mix.

White striped clover a case of

Soak the plant thoroughly once all of the soil mix has been filled in. Since the trees will be planted slightly higher than the original root balls they should be staked to give stability against wind sway.

Generously spread three to four inches of mulch material around the plant. The mulch should be three inches away from the main stem for air circulation and protection from rodent damage. Prune only any broken or damaged branches. Do not prune anything else. In addition to a quality soil mix, a starter fertilizer is recommended at time of planting and again 2 to 3 weeks later.

This fertilizer has a high phosphorous analysis and a root-stimulating agent, which encourages root development. Apply sufficient water so that the soil around the roots is thoroughly moist and then allow to dry enough so that some air can penetrate the root ball area.

The larger the plant more roots the more water it requires and the longer it takes for the soil to dry sufficiently. Moisture also depends upon the rainfall, temperatures, and soil conditions. During periods of extended drought, water once a week.

Continue watering through the middle of November. The best method for watering trees is to place a hose at the perimeter of the hole and let the water soak slowly into the soil. Move the hose to ensure watering on all sides of the root ball.

Approximately one hour of water should be sufficient, but you may need more or less depending on tree size.

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Do not spray the foliage. For large plantings of shrubs, a soaker hose may make this task easier. Shrubs should be watered three times a week for the first 6 weeks, and twice a week for the rest of the season.

During periods of extreme heat and or drought, you may need to water daily, especially on smaller material Gallon.Drought tolerant plants can fill our landscapes.

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They make our gardens both beautiful and diverse. This case study was designed for students in Advance Placement biology. It requires students to look at two phenotypes of clover (polymorphisms) and compare the types of clover found in different areas.

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