Voorbeeld essay engels

Bekijk het voorbeeld Centrale deel In het centrale deel van je essay ga je beargumenteren. Je geeft jouw visie op het onderwerp.

Voorbeeld essay engels

I think that if people are already addicted to smoking, it does not matter anymore how much a pack of cigarettes cost. But if you are not a smoker yet it does actually matter. If the packs of cigarettes would be more expensive, less people will start to smoke, especially youngsters.

Because most of the youngsters do not have or make enough money to buy a new pack of cigarettes every time. It also matters if the parents or friends of the person are smokers.

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Because if they do not smoke, you are probably not going to smoke either. So it is not only the price of a pack of cigarettes where you will base your opinion on, but also the people you go with.

I think everybody must know for him- or herself if they want to be a smoker or not. But I think that smokers or people who want to start with smoking should know the consequences on short- and long terms. For example on short terms; you could get a bad physical condition, that you often have to cough, that you can get nicotine deposit on your body and in your house, and that the smell of smoking is getting everywhere.

But I think that the consequences on long terms are much worse.

Voorbeeld essay engels

So it is clear that if you are a smoker the chance that you die earlier is big. These consequences on short- and long terms should be made public to smokers and non-smokers throughout commercials on television or radio, or free pamphlets.

My conclusion is that people should be more informed about the consequences of smoking. I think the price of cigarettes does not make a difference to addictive smokers, but it does to people who have not yet began smoking.

So I think the price of cigarettes prevents people from starting to smoke. Goed dat je er bent. Al onze informatie is gratis en openbaar.Voorbeeld engels essay 0 Comments Dior bad boyega dissertation intrinsic and extrinsic motivation essay conclusion.

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Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan. Feb 23,  · Een essay schrijven is niet heel moeilijk, maar je moet wel even weten wat er precies van je verwacht wordt.

Je kunt onderstaande voorbeelden gebruiken ter inspiratie voor je eigen essay/5(). Feb 24,  · De structuur van een essay is over het algemeen vrij, tenzij er een bepaalde structuur door je docent wordt geëist.

De structuur van de meeste essays bestaat uit een inleiding, centraal deel en een conclusie/5(). Motion ups are not not timberdesignmag.comdam acclaimed disenthral profit of your triceps, but they can also toughen the pectoral muscles that timberdesignmag.comdam are .

Voorbeeld essay engels
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