Air pollution marathi

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Air pollution marathi

What is air pollution? In short, air pollution is foul air injurious to health. Air Pollution is anything that goes into the air that is harmful. Most air pollution is man-made.

The largest contributor to airpollution is the burning of fossil fuels such as gas and coal. Someof the most common forms of air pollution are: P…articulate matterNitrogen oxide and other oxides of nitrogen Sulfur oxide AcidRain VOC's volatile organic compounds Air pollution can also besaid as the accumulation in the atmosphere of substances that insufficient concentrations, endanger human health or produce othermeasured effects on living matter and other materials.

Among themajor sources of pollution are power and heat generation, theburning of solid wastes, industrial processes, and, especially,transportation. The six major types of pollutants are carbonmonoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, particulates, sulfurdioxide, and photochemical oxidants.

Air pollution is a noun.

Air pollution marathi

When aharmful or poisonous substance is introduced into the air, this iscalled air pollution. Examples are smoke and diesel exhaust.

Airpollution is basically harmful chemicals in our atmosphere. Whenair contains things like dust, gas, and fumes air pollution occurs. The air we breath would be so much healthier if air pollutiondidn't exist.

Any noticeable change to the atmosphere beyond natureoccurrences. When the air we breathe becomes harmful to livingthings and objects. MORE Do air conditioners pollute the air?

Not to mention the coal, natural gas or oil used to produce the electricity needed to operate them.Air pollution essay in marathi on mla Brookes dissertation deadline clothing presentation or essay on hacking essays on michael jordan shoes essayons miossec paroles marseillaise.

Alternative medicine vs traditional medicine essay, swiss finance institute research paper . Pollution is one of biggest concern in the environmental issues because it covers all which are water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution.

Pollution is contaminants that can cause an adverse change s to environment and human health. Jim crow essay. 74ls83 descriptive essay stem cell research debate essay on school movie review essay taken movie.


Apparitions in macbeth essays. Air Pollution Hamza Akouayri Class: Robyn Conner Date Air Pollution Air pollution has been a big issue in the entire world. Air pollution occurs when the air includes dust, fumes or gases. Air pollution is the accumulation of hazardous substances into the atmosphere.

Essay on air pollution in marathi - - Kendrapara Autonomous College Free Essays on Environment And Pollution In Marathi Language. Environment And Pollution In Marathi AIR POLLUTION Air pollution is the accumulation in.

Sound pollution in marathi. Air pollution is caused when too much oxygen is emmitted into the air. This damages the ozone layer and is thought to be the reason of the hole in the ozone layer. The ozone l ayer protects us from the sun's harmfull rays.

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