Abortions should become more easily accepted among college students

Names have been changed or removed for confidentiality. A renewed, invigorating freedom coinciding perfectly with relatively low academic and professional stress. But for Anna, a two-week late period and the tell-tale symptoms of morning sickness threatened to derail this experience.

Abortions should become more easily accepted among college students

What would you do? There are few topics more loaded than abortion. Close to 40 years after Roe v.


Wade legalized abortion nationwide, the debate still rages. Politicians preach and push for changing abortion laws, pro-choice and pro-life rallies continue, and pamphlets and websites spout statistics and powerful rhetoric. At least not as something that could happen to us.

Most of us know or at least have a pretty good idea where we stand on the issue as a legal or political controversy.

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But no matter your views on abortion in a theoretical sense, what if you found yourself actually faced with such a serious decision? What if your best friend did? Can you really know what you would feel, think, or do in that situation? This is the exact dilemma that many college women face every year.

The laws Abortion is a legal procedure, and a safe one if it is done correctly with the help and guidance of a trained physician. But if you are under 18, your state may require consent or notification from your parents to have an abortion — although in many states, a judge can excuse you from this requirement.

The decision Every woman who has had an abortion first had to make the decision. And for many of these women, this is by far the toughest part. I was scared at first, and in denial that this was actually happening for a while.

Abortions should become more easily accepted among college students

But once I went to the clinic, the staff answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. Alexis, a senior at UC-Irvine, chose to have an abortion at 18 because she was a victim of abuse.

Abortions should become more easily accepted among college students

For religious, personal or family reasons, many find it hard to imagine going through with an abortion. But, I wonder if I did get pregnant if I would consider it. I am just not even prepared to get prepared to raise a kid.“College students are endorsing on these surveys many more symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and stress.

The data is very clear. There’s a lot more mental stress than there was High school-aged girls who 'kept their babies' were the subject of gossip and pity among students and parents.

Media Depictions of Teen Pregnancy and Abortion Today, those views seem strange and outdated to the many teens who choose to become teen mothers. Should abortions be easily accepted among college students?

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My own viewpoint is yes, abortions should become more easily accepted among college students. The main question facing society is the definition of a fetus point of living. Are College Women Getting Abortions? and I know that it is very common among young women, just never really mentioned.” “I would consider getting one because there is a lot more I want to do with my life,” says Anna, a senior at Duke University.

Half of the women are 25 or older; most already have a child

“If I were older, in love with my partner, felt like he would support me, etc. I. Although the Catholic and Lutheran churches oppose abortion, more of their members believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases versus illegal in all or .

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